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Various Shapes, Spec Low Price Small Size Epoxy Solar Panel

Product Detail

Product Description
Epoxy Solar Panel 

Quality control and safety

1. Rigorous quality control meets the highest international standards. 

2. High efficiency solar cells to meet the customers' requirements.

3. High quality fibergalss PCB insure the long life span of the solar panels.

4. FCC/CE/RoHS/ErP. 


Mono-crystalline silicon and poly-crystalline silicon

Epoxy resin encapsulation, High transparent and anti-yellowing.

High-intensity PCB hardboard or glass fiber board materials, resistance to deformation.

Accord with environmental protection manufacturing process.

Inspection standard:40×1000Lux×25°C.


Application scope: mobile charger, Lawn lamp, portable lantern, street lamp, Traffic lights, Christmas lights, walkman and so on

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