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Help Improve Flame Retardancy Performance

ICAS is a well-known testing and certification bodies in flame detection area has a wealth of technical experience. In order to ensure that the property of fire retardant materials compliance, it is recommended that manufacturers test of fire retardant products can be related, or front end of the production process on the introduction of third-party testing organization, comprehensive quality control, product compliance of the flame retardant properties.

As a professional third party, ICAS ICAS has been committed to the detection of flame retardant properties of various materials, including rubber, plastic, wire and cable, film and other materials. For the area of polymer materials, electronic appliances, textiles and other manufacturing enterprises, provides detailed and accurate materials for flame retardancy test report, showing the performance level of the material, to help enterprises choose suitable for the production of raw materials. With the development of new material industry in China, ICAS ICAS will advance the research and development of flame retardant properties of materials together with the enterprise.

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