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Eversun Series Foldable Solar Panel

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Product Description

Our EVERSUN Fold Series Portable solar panels and power systems are akin to devices such as battery chargers, back-up power generators, and even mobile devices used for wireless system work. These devices are ideal for anyone who travels and is constantly on the go (camping, marine, RV's, Vans).

As far as commercial applications, our systems have been used through various government agencies with large scale commercial power systems for OLPC program's (One Laptop Per Child), remote camera's, wireless surveillance systems, Roadway Signals, military personnel and also for emergency or catastrophic situations on the go for direct access to power when and where they need it most.

EVERSUN FOLD series Solar Panel, Poly or Mono crystalline Silicon type, 12V, UL listed, Unique suitcase design and supports for placing over the floor with different angles. Strong aluminum frames to strengthen the load hold and to stand against high wind. High transparency low iron tempered glass with enhanced stiffness and impact resistance. Advanced EVA encapsulation system with multilayer back sheets to better product modules. 25 years limited warranty on power output. 90% assurance for 10 years and 80% power output assurance for 25 years. Models from 5Wp.
Power Range Briefcase Dimensions mm Weight kgs Type Power Range Briefcase Dimensions mm Weight kgs Type Power Range Briefcase Dimensions mm Weight kgs Type
40 to 50 Wp 610x534x35 6 Mono 10 Wp 260x154x36 1.2 Mono 120 to 150 Wp 610x534x105 16.5 Mono
55 to 60 Wp 810x534x35 7 Poly 20 Wp 285x280x36 2 Mono 165 to 200 Wp 810x534x105 21 Mono
75 to 100 Wp 1196x534x35 8 Mono 30 Wp 420x281x70 4.5 Mono 225 to 300Wp 1196x534x105 29 Mono
        40 to 55 Wp 405x423x70 5.5 Mono        
        60 Wp 532x418x70 7 Mono        
        80 to 100 Wp 610x534x70 9 Mono        
        110 to 120 Wp 810x534x70 13 Mono        
        150 to 200 Wp 1196x534x70 18 Mono        

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