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Best To Solar Panel Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline, And What Are The Characteristics Of

Polycrystalline silicon and Silicon are two different substances, polysilicon is a chemical term commonly known as glass, high purity polysilicon materials of high purity glass, Silicon is the raw material for making solar photovoltaic cells, as well as making semiconductor chips of high quality materials, for production of Mono-crystalline silicon materials scarcity and production complex, low yield and so expensive.
Simple of said, silicon and polysilicon of difference is they of atomic structure arranged, Crystal is ordered arranged, more crystal is disorder arranged, this main is by they of processing process decided of, more Crystal more used pouring method production, is directly put Silicon material pour Guo in the melting stereotypes, and Crystal is take Siemens method improved straight pulled, straight pulled process is a atomic structure restructuring of process. To the naked eye, Silicon surface is the same, polysilicon surface looks like it has a lot of broken glass inside, gleaming.

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