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Photovoltaic market is the key to what

PV power is available, although because of factors such as green becomes representative of the trend of new energy development, has always been hard to crack cost bottlenecks, PV also have a highbrow meant, could not survive in the policy to turn greenhouses, difficult to walk into is full of ups and downs in the real environment to accept the challenge.

However, the industry has never stopped pushing for PV and cheap dream. For example, the last 8 years, from 36 Yuan per watt PV module prices down 3.5-3.8 Yuan, down 86.4%; grid-connected PV system cost 60 Yuan per watt, down from 7-8 yuan per watt, down 86.7%; from 4 Yuan per watt inverter prices down to 0.3 Yuan per watt, down over 90%. According to statistics, nearly 5 years, photovoltaic power generation cost per kilowatt-hour more than 2 Yuan from dropping to around 0.8 Yuan, green aristocratic power has to keep the cheap electricity conversion.

China's renewable energy "Thirteen-Five plan" has made it clear that, the parity will be achieved in 2020 wind power generation. Last year, the State launched a photovoltaic leader program, aims to encourage technological innovation. Give a special market for enterprise technology innovation, enable these enterprises to focus more energy on the most advanced technical equipment and production technology research and development, and the cost reduction is not imposed on the ordinary products in the past, wanted to build the business in the most technologically advanced capacity and effort.

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